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Fast Five Author Interview with Kenneth Hoss

Today’s guest, Kenneth Hoss, is the author of STORM RISING-A Kelli Storm novel. He is also a self-proclaimed "computer nut and Texas Rangers fan." Ken and I are members of The Independent Author Network, an internet site designed for like-minded authors and readers, where I discovered his action-packed book featuring protagonist Kelli Storm, a no-nonsense detective who takes a back seat to no one.

FAST FIVE: Welcome, Ken, and thank you for your participation today. Rather than an “elevator pitch” of 140 characters (#hashtags included) can you share with us a more detailed account of the novel and your research for STORM RISING- A Kelli Storm Novel?

KENNETH HOSS: Storm Rising is the first book in a planned three book series. It follows the main character, Kelli Storm, an NYPD Detective working out of the 33rd Precinct in Washington Heights. Kelli is driven to find the person or persons responsible for her father’s death twenty years earlier. In the course of investigating the murder of a young woman, she discovers a link between the woman’s death and her father’s killer.
For my research, I enlisted the aid of a former NYPD Detective who now works for an unnamed Government agency. He provided me with Department policies and procedures, as well as information not readily available on the internet. (Nothing classified.) An example would be, in NYC, Police cars are not called squad cars, but instead they are called RMP’s or Radio Motor Patrol. Another item I had to know were the type of firearms that NYPD officers are allowed to carry, both on duty and off. It’s the little details like that, if incorrect or missed, can ruin your book.

FAST FIVE: As a reader, I always appreciate an author’s close attention to details, especially those that describe or enhance the role of a protagonist’s profession. For Detective Kelli Storm, is “the job” the most important part of her life?
KENNETH HOSS: At this point, “the job” is the only thing that keeps her going. She has to deal with her mother’s illness, an ex-boyfriend who thinks he still has a shot, and an ex-husband she still loves. As if that weren’t enough, she’s a recovering alcoholic. But she doesn’t let any of it stop her from doing her job.

FAST FIVE: The Mystery/Suspense genre is the focus of Fast Five interviews, but what unique twist makes your novel stand out?
KENNETH HOSS: That is a very good question. I would have to say what makes Storm Rising stand out is not so much the twist and turns, though there are several, but the main character. While she is not really “unique”, she is a strong and determined person. Her ability to overcome the odds is inspiring.

FAST FIVE: How does your main character’s profession draw her into suspenseful situations, (murder, for instance?)
KENNETH HOSS: Being a Detective on the NYPD, Kelli has seen her share of bodies. As for murders, she’s seen more than her share. (And will continue seeing them.)

FAST FIVE: Is this book part of a series, and are you working on a sequel?
KENNETH HOSS: Yes. I am currently working on the second book, Storm Warning, and plan to release it sometime in late Spring of this year.

FAST FIVE: Ken, the fast pace you set with Storm Rising guarantees that I will be in line to buy the next Kelli Storm novel, Storm Warning. The following is not a Fast Five question, more an “if/then” scenario: If Paris is not an option, then where would you most like to spend your time writing and why.
KENNETH HOSS: My “dream” location to write is a little spot northeast of Atlanta, GA. It’s a place I visited when I was out there several years back that really took my breath away. The spot overlooks Lake Altoona and is one of the most inspiring views I’ve seen. 

FAST FIVE: Okay, I admit I’ve never heard of Lake Altoona. As inspiration, though, it may end up on my list of dream vacations. Thank you for visiting today, Ken, and for offering a behind-the-scenes look into a writer’s life.

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