Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Once Upon a Time in Real Life

Once upon a time, I believed in fairy tales, and in an end to the pandemic. I still believe in fairy tales.

Yesterday's daily evening half-hour walk extended to over an hour as I rediscovered the wonders of nature along two separate paths. With the sun lowered behind high rises, the temperature had cooled a bit, making for a more leisurely outing. Birds along the parkway playfully zoomed overhead - no internet required for their informal gathering. In the canal, several ducks paddled in the wake of a slow moving motor boat while others congregated along the bank. All was quiet in a town often filled with sounds of police and ambulance sirens, revving motor bikes, and never-ending traffic.

Long ago, I blocked out most daily street noises and prefer the bustle of active life. But lockdowns and extended stay-at-home orders have now become a way of life that requires imagination and patience to navigate. Keeping busy is not an issue, but rather taking time to relax and enjoy small pleasures is what needs reminding - every day.




  1. Oh, I wish I had more time to relax. Even though we're in lockdown I still have to work, plus there's home schooling so I seem to have less time then normal.

  2. I sure wish you had more free time also, AJ. Now more than ever it is important to schedule time for yourself. Take care.

  3. I prefer the quiet life, and turn to nature for solace. That said, the dawn chorus of birds here is NOT peaceful. Lovely - but often very raucous. I wonder whether I notice it more now that traffic noise is largely eliminated.

  4. E.C., silence is a friend to me, also. The birds were so loud I started spraying water in the direction of the offenders. They learned quickly and now perform their antics quietly on my lanai.

  5. The 'small pleasures' you talk about in your post are the 'ordinary moments' that gather together to make up a life time.

    Thank you for sharing your sensory walk in this post. I love my walks. But, Doha's extremely high humidity this past week has forced me to stick to mall-walking-- which isn't bad, but it's not a fairy tale either:)

    Wishing you a beautiful week ahead.

  6. Thank you, Arti, and thanks for visiting. If only we can remind ourselves often that the ordinary moments are what make a fulfilling life.

  7. I love walking. It stirs so many thoughts and at the same time is so relaxing. I can relate a lot ot htis post.

  8. So true, Elizabeth, about stirring up thoughts. Walking also seems to solve problems like plot issues and stress levels. Thanks for visiting.


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