Monday, October 1, 2018


Taking a break every so often from any project or situation, to clear your head and make room for fresh ideas, should be beneficial, even rejuvenating. Remember the FRIENDS episode when Ross thought he and Rachel were on a break from their relationship and nothing that happened (with another woman) during the break counted? You know how that worked out, not a good example of a beneficial break.

Taking a break from writing doesn’t mean your activities during the break won’t benefit your writing. To a writer, every experience is beneficial, everything counts.
A break becomes especially important after writing or editing over a long period of time. Focusing on other projects or activities gives the subconscious time to relax, and allows new creative concepts to surface.
With that in mind, I looked forward to spending time with family who were scheduled to visit the islands and to get in some "locals" sightseeing, something that often falls by the wayside. Plans were set for such diverse activities as whale watching, Island sightseeing, climbing to the top of Diamond Head, touring Pearl Harbor to experience the Arizona Memorial and the “Mighty Mo” (the battleship Missouri where the World War II peace treaty was signed,) and a wedding at Sacred Heart Church in Honolulu with a reception at Turtle Bay on the North Shore.
It is no mystery that the possibilities for future story settings that arose over the break were endless. Every conversation suggested a way to breathe new life into a unique character, each sunset offered a brilliant new mix of colors to improve a scene. Now I look forward to rereading those fifty thousand words I wrote in November, and am eagerly anticipating the research that will flesh out the story.


Some projects take longer than others. The above-mentioned written in November received thorough and painstaking edits over a period of several years. Additional research buoyed several scenes and chapters. As the time came closer to publication (planned for July 23) a problem with the book's cover almost sunk my plans. But I kept moving toward my goal. Even the announcement by CreateSpace and Amazon to jumble my schedule caused only minor anguish (okay, a lot, but in a good way.) Even a break (pun not so funny!) for a total hip replacement didn't entirely halt my march forward, only slow it to baby steps for a spell.

To meet my goal, I "pseudo-published" my latest novel on July 23. This allowed an opportunity for select family members to read and approve its contents. Soon I will make the permanent move from CreateSpace to Kindle Direct Publishing. I've enjoyed the latest break from blogging but look forward to an active future.

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