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#WriterWednesday - Book Review: Stacy Juba's DARK BEFORE DAWN

Today's book review is for author Stacy Juba's Magic of Books Tour. The YA novel is entitled DARK BEFORE DAWN (Young Ladies of Mystery Book 3) Age Level: 12-18; Grade Level: 6-12

This is the author's synopsis of the novel:
If you could control minds...would you? Dawn's psychic abilities lead her to befriend two girls who share her secret talents-but when she discovers that her new friends have dark intentions, she must make an impossible choice.

Book 3 of the Young Ladies of Mystery Series - each novel is a standalone, but shares a common theme of young women thrust into a world of danger and mystery in New England small towns.

by Gail Baugniet

This is a YA novel. The author's excellent writing style and exceptionally well-researched subject matter, however, create an interest for adults as well. From the opening lines, Stacy Juba demonstrates her authority on the topic of teenagers, their thought processes, and the predictability of their unpredictability.

The story's protagonist, Dawn Christian, has been aware for some time that she is different. She knows things through premonitions. But her mother doesn't want people to think of her daughter as different and she discourages Dawn from mentioning this ability. Although demonstrating extra sensory perception isn't the same as not picking up your dirty socks, in either case having a parent dictate how to act or think is often interpreted by a young adult as a lack of support.

Creating characters who possess ESP in an otherwise normal, blended family situation gives this story an edge that the author utilized to ratchet the tension ever higher. The plot never felt contrived. Scenes were confined to a reasonable realm of possibility.

While the story dealt with paranormal phenomena, the author also wove in the plotline a very real problem of bullying that is prevalent in schools today. In comparing "the results of bullying" to an ongoing trial case labeled "The Making of a Murderer," two sides of a question arise. Does a bullied person become a danger to society because of adverse treatment, or does bullying treatment only release latent danger inherent within a person?

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Dark Before Dawn 
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  1. Thanks so much for participating in the tour, Gail! It's much appreciated. Hugs.

  2. Best of Success with your tour, Stacy. Thanks for inviting me to participate. You also helped me to move forward with my goal of reading and reviewing 71 books in 12 months!


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