Sunday, February 21, 2016

A POEM WITH NO PURPOSE . . . just fun

Why did the gecko cross the road?
Not every poem has deeper meaning, or even a purpose other than to entertain. While writing my collection of poems, many days I allowed my inner muse to determine which direction my emotions would take. A humorous muse took over this day, suggesting a word puzzle of sorts. The idea appealed, with this the result:
None for the weary, for some
it brings peace. Assurances promised
to put doubts at ease. 
Prosecutors and laurels,
in common with
Many laid to it in History’s time. 
Words will not make this
poem more explicit, but to complete the thought:
There’s even less for the wicked.
Children love word games, little puns or plays on words that make them laugh. Knock-Knock jokes, especially silly ones, tickle their fancy. 

“Knock, knock.”
“You’re supposed to ask the question, ‘Who’s there?’”
“No, who.”
“Who what?”
“No, just who.”
“Just who who?”
“Just ask the question!”
“Who’s there?”
(By this time, the kids are rolling on the floor, laughing way too hard to continue.) 

Simple question/answer jokes are fun, too. Remember these?
“What’s black and white and red all over?” “An embarrassed zebra.”
“What is blue and smells like red paint?” “Blue paint.”
(I thought about this last one for days before I realized it really is funny! Guess I’m still a kid at heart.) 

Word games are good for the mind even for adults. Keeping the mind agile through your seventies, eighties, and nineties is an admirable goal. If you plan to live to be 104, as I do, it becomes imperative. Sudoku is my puzzle game of choice. I’m also hooked on solitaire games and have mastered Microsoft’s FreeCell so I “win” every time! 

Now, did you find seven aphorisms relating to the word “Rest” embedded in the above poem?



  1. Hmmm...peace and laid? I see thos.

  2. Shelly, now that I recount them, I actually find nine! No rest for the weary; rest in peace; rest assured; the prosecution rests; resting on your laurels; put your mind at rest; laid to rest; the rest is history; no rest for the wicked.


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