Sunday, December 13, 2015



No war, no pollution
Not global arming*
Or racism
Nuclear threats, bigotry,
High cost of living,
      And joblessness

 Nothing will be resolved
Until the madness of
Self-loathing and
Bloated egos ends. 

Denial of equality
Continues to
Generate war, pollution,
Racism and bigotry. 

Stop the denial and know:
I am you
You are me

*Global arming: This began as a typo but seemed even more appropriate than the intended: global warming.
Speaking of bloated, this might be a good message for the bloated field of presidential candidates hoping to win a spot on the final ballot. Neither this poem nor any portion of this book is meant as political commentary. However, suggesting that everyone work together for a safer and happier world sounds like a good idea. 

About “self-loathing,” I’ve found that an insecure person might quickly berate another. The intention is to lower the perception of the other person’s status, thereby elevating their own. 

Am I, personally, in denial? Maybe I contribute to pollution or global warming, though certainly not to global “arming”. I know I don’t contribute to the high cost of living, or to joblessness.J And after living in Hawai‘i for over twenty years, I find the greatest social concern, aside from homelessness, is the Sovereignty issue. Yet protests are kept peaceful. Opinions vary, but remain less boisterousness than a discussion about the latest Hawai‘i Rainbow Warriors football game. 

After jet planes became the preferred mode of long-distance travel, people said, “the world is shrinking,” With easy access to the World Wide Web, the world shrunk even farther. When a family increases from two to three or four, adjustments are made to accommodate their growing needs. Applying these adjusted needs to the growth of a nation, and then to world population, is beyond my comprehension.

I can only pray world leaders will come to a workable solution that involves working together.

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