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Every story is appreciated from a different point of view, such as age range, life experience, and frame of mind. A novel you read in high school or college might appeal to you in a different way today. You may enjoy a story set in Florence more if you are anticipating a trip to Italy. A book having a subplot about alcoholism will carry a stronger message for someone with personal experience in that area. For these reasons, one person’s opinion of a novel will not necessarily mesh with that of another. 

Book reviews are subjective. They reflect the honest opinion of the reader composing the review. The opinion itself, therefore, cannot be considered invalid because someone disagrees with the review. 

With that thought in mind, I welcome your comments on the books I review.

The genre I most enjoy reading is Mystery, along with its many sub-genres, including: Hard-boiled, Traditional Cozy, Suspense, Thriller, and Police Procedural. Over the years, subgenres of these subgenres have sprung up. Within the Traditional Cozy, there are now Food Cozies and Cat Cozies; thrillers include Medical Thrillers and Psychological Thrillers. I describe my own novels as yet another sub-genre:
      “Soft-boiled mysteries can be murder!”
The mystery genre takes up a large portion of my book shelf. Figuratively speaking, that is, as my E-book collection now far outnumbers my paperback and hardcover collection.
Beginning Friday, October 2, 2015, my book reviews will include a mix of genres, representing classical, contemporary, traditional, self-published, fiction and non-fiction works.
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  1. Book reviews ARE subjective, which is why I no longer get upset when I get a poor one on one of my books. It used to really bother me but now I feel grateful someone took the time to read at least part of it and felt strongly enough one way or the other to leave a review. I look forward to your reviews. It sounds like we enjoy the same types of books.

  2. Cool! You'll be reviewing mysteries? I'll sure visit :-)

  3. Here's a test comment. See:

  4. Karen, I love your attitude. I am still working toward full acceptance and do welcome all comments. I agree that having someone take the time to read at least part of a story or novel is something to be grateful for and do appreciate their reaction to its contents.

  5. Yes, Sarah, I will be reviewing mysteries, my main genre focus. My book club chooses other genres so I have the opportunity to broaden my horizons and review a multitude of genres. Thank you for visiting.

  6. Chuck, as you can see ... I'm back! I wasn't able to access your test link, but when I signed in today the Google screen popped up for me to sign in and that corrected the problem. Apparently, if I sign in directly from my blog site, the system doesn't recognize me as a legitimate user. Go figure! Thank you for taking the time to support me with this issue. It is always nice to know someone has your back. Aloha.

  7. I agree that reviews are completely subjective. It's hard to keep in mind when someone doesn't like my books, though. ;-)


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