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In the twenty plus years I've lived in Honolulu, Hawai'i, I have visited many areas of O’ahu. But this author’s familiarity with many “nooks and crannies” still unknown to me heightened the enjoyment of reading author Greg Field's RED DIRT WHITE BONES.

Police Procedural set in Hawai'i
Red Dirt White Bones by Greg Field
The mystery of a cold-case murder, brought home to roost in present day Hawai'i, added a double dose of interest. This Police Procedural takes the reader around the island and to vividly-described inner island residential areas, always with specific purpose and plenty of conflict. The reason this book is such a quick read is because exciting action tends to heighten the reader’s awareness and makes the scenes fly by. 

Protagonist, Detective Kai, battles demons in his personal life and in his career with the Honolulu Police Department. When a teenaged girl pleads with him to learn who killed her “perfect” older sister, he faces a new set of dilemmas that could cost him his job, earn him a prison sentence, or get him killed. If the bad guys aren’t the death of him, maybe the fourteen-year-old younger sister will be. He’s not sure which is the worse option. Lots of high-octane action, several whiplash plotline twists, and a climax well worth the journey. Even the short denouement is unpredictable.

Greg Field's Red Dirt White Bones (The Replacement Girl Mysteries Book 1) [Kindle Edition] is available at


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