Saturday, January 24, 2015

Potting Soil and Mason Jars

Today I purchased an 8-quart bag of all-purpose potting soil enriched with fertilizer and a dozen
pint-sized, covered mason jars. I also purchased a nice little self-watering window box planter. 

What do I have in mind for these items? 

I plan to learn how to grow herbs. Specifically, cilantro, mint, basil, and -- well, I’ll begin with those. My long-term plan is to get healthier than coffee and diet cola allow. Of course, being pragmatic, I don’t intend to wait until those green leafy things start to pop out of the soil. There are plenty of Farmer’s Markets around for me to frequent until then. 

My goal is to produce an eclectic variety of flavored water for my personal consumption. Along with the health benefits of drinking lots of water, there is the fun of planning, preparing, and relaxing on the lanai with a colorfully garnished, ice-cold glass of water that is eye appealing, mouth tingling, and thirst quenching.

Stay tuned for my progress reports, personal-experience tips on making flavored water, and some healthy benefits of drinking the stuff! Refreshed from drinking all that healthy water, the quality of my novel writing will benefit also. Right?


  1. You will always find a pitch of home made ice tea or infusion in my fridge. I can't drink the stuff from the store. Once you get accustomed to home made tea, you can't stand the store stuff anynmore. Believe me ;-)

  2. Sounds wonderful. I have my own garden boxes.


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