Monday, August 26, 2013

Meet Author Cheryl Linn Martin's Maile

Author Cheryl Linn Martin's third mystery in The Hawaiian Island Detective Club series is Ukulele Undercover.
Included in The Hawaiian Island Detective Club are Leilani, Kimo, Sam, and Maile. Featured in today’s interview is Maile. 

Maile, you just helped solve a third mystery for The Hawaiian Island Detective Club. Do you have a favorite memory?
Not really a favorite memory. I mean, I can laugh about it now, but at the time it was the grossest, wildest ride I’ve ever had in a truck. That old fishing bucket and empty milk carton smelled super yuck-o. And don’t even ask me about how we got out of there. I think I still have bruises! But at least we got some good evidence and discovered a few clues to help solve the mystery.

Were there any other gross moments for you? 
Oh, yeah! You see, someone was leaving threatening notes around the music school and me, Leilani and Sam were taking ukulele lessons with Kimo like undercover detectives. Anyway, some kid took one of the bad notes and threw it in the garbage. Of course Leilani wanted the note, but before we could get to it, another kid threw wet gunk all over it. (Maile scrunches her nose) And that garbage can really stunk big-time!

So, Maile, what do you think of Brandon?
New Guy? He’s totally cute and super nice. (Maile smirks) I think he likes Leilani and I’m pretty sure she likes him too.

How is it working with Leilani, Kimo and Sam on these mysteries?
Leilani is the best. She keeps me sane when I feel like totally freaking out. Even though Kimo irritates Leilani, he’s always a huge help with the mysteries. I hope Leilani makes him a real member of The Hawaiian Island Detective Club. Then there’s Sam . . . well, Sam’s a guy. Most of the time he’s funny and crazy, but so gross with all his eating and belching.

Some readers seem to think you like Sam.
(Maile shrugs and avoids eye contact) Sam’s cool.

(I cock my head and grin) Maile, this is the third mystery you kids have solved. You can tell me how you really feel.
(Maile sits up tall and sets her jaw) No comment.

(I chuckle) I understand, and thanks for visiting, Maile.
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