Monday, July 22, 2013

Role Models and Writing a Mystery Series

Michael Connelly
author of
detective and crime fiction novels

My penchant for reading mystery novels led me to choosing the mystery genre when I decided to write a novel. The idea of writing a series germinated in the back of my mind, but my focus was on getting the first story on paper and developing my characters. What I knew of my protagonist was included in the first novel. If I liked her enough to keep close, great. Otherwise, there were other options.

As things worked out, Pepper Bibeau became my alter ego. Not that she is a second me, more a trusted friend because what we have in common is friendship. In my first novel, FOR EVERY ACTION, Pepper's physical appearance and heritage were patterned after two of my most trusted friends.

One of my role models is author Michael Connelly, who has some interesting suggestions about writing a series. He says everything you know about your protagonist at the time should go into your current story, not be held back for the next novel.

You can read more of Mr. Connelly's suggestions from his CraftFest session at ThrillerFest “The Series Character: How to Do It Right” here: 

Some of my favorite Michael Connelly novels:

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