Friday, April 12, 2013

Sandra Nikolai and "So you know whodunit"

In recent months, I have come across so many interesting and informative blog posts by friends and fellow authors. After reading the article, I usually click "Tweet" to share the link with others on Twitter. Some articles resonate in a special way, and I want to keep on sharing. One such article was written by my friend and fellow author Sandra Nikolai.

Sandra Nikolai,
author of False Impressions
(Megan Scott/Michael Elliott Mystery)

The article is entitled:

So you know whodunit. Now prove it .   
Sandra's article begins:
When it comes to solving murder mysteries, dedicated fans of the genre have developed an innate sleuthing ability that seems to improve with every additional book they read. True to their passion, they join groups of like-minded members where they exchange comments about the books they’ve read. Many readers post reviews and ratings on Goodreads and other online sites, and aren’t afraid to tell it the way it is.

Please visit Sandra's site to enjoy the full content and comments of her blog post at:


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  1. Nice to meet Sandra. How are you doing, Gail?

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