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Sisters-in-Crime Spotlight: Author Patricia L. Morin

Patricia L. Morin
Today’s spotlight is on author Patricia L. Morin. Besides writing short stories, novels, and plays, she is a psychotherapist and life coach with a Masters in both Counseling Psychology and Clinical Social Work. The inner complexities of the human mind play a strong part in her writing work. She has won awards for her short stories and has been published in numerous anthologies. Top Publications Ltd., Dallas TX, published her first short-story collection, Mystery Montage, in 2010.

GAIL: Welcome, Pat, and thank you for taking time to visit today. Your first short story collection was published in 2010. Is it correct that a play you wrote was selected as one of the finalists for a playwright contest?

PAT: Yes. I am very excited to pass along some great news. My play, The Gatekeeper, won First Place and Critics Choice at the 2012 Fringe of Marin, CA, Playwright Contest. The play also won for Best Director, Best Actor, and Best Actress. The Gatekeeper is a twenty-minute humor-fantasy that revolves around the cemetery of buried emotions.

GAIL: That is exciting news. Congratulations on your success as an author and a playwright. You lived in Honolulu, Hawaii for six years before moving back to the mainland. How did you choose your new location?

PAT: Instead of returning to our old neighborhood in Grand View, New York, my husband, Larry, and I have settled into the warmth of California. We live in San Francisco with our Lab/Australian Cattle dog mix, Tayya, and two Betta fish, Danka and Shane. I was a psychotherapist near Nyack, New York, for twenty-six years, with a Masters in Counseling Psychology and in Social Work (New York-board certified). Larry was a Senior Vice President for Fidelity Investments on Wall Street. We loved the people and the seasons, although we had a difficult time with the cold.

GAIL: Before moving to Honolulu, I lived in Minnesota and Wisconsin where winters are described as “frozen tundra.” I agree that warm is easier on the bones. Can you tell us about another selection of short stories you completed after moving to California?

Crime Montage by
Patricia L. Morin 
PAT: I'm pleased to announce that Top Publications Ltd. released Crime Montage in March 2012. This is the second in my short-story series and includes: cozy, humorous, chick-lit, young-adult fantasy, paranormal, and a historical novella.

Crime Montage can be purchased through your local independent bookseller or

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