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FAST FIVE Interview with Author Judith Price

Please welcome today’s guest, author Judith Price. Currently, she lives in the Middle East. Her first novel, Sudden Deception, is a thriller that takes the main character to areas that Judith writes about with ease. Among the dangerous settings the protagonst finds herself are Turkmenistan and Afghanistan.

FAST FIVE: Thank you for visiting today, Judith. Without the restriction of Twitter’s 140 characters, can you share with us a more detailed account of your novel and research for Sudden Deception (A Jill Oliver Thriller)?

JUDITH PRICE: It's a taut, complex thriller, reflecting the political realities of current events, details a week-long, action-packed journey that culminates in a stunning conclusion in Dubai. It depicts the personal journey and physical dangers a woman must take on to save the man she loves — and to save the world.

Jill is a terrorist profiler for the US Marshall Special Operations Group and former Remote Viewer for the FBI. When her new husband David, a war correspondent for Time, disappears while on assignment in the Middle East, Jill embarks upon a journey deep into the region to find him.


There are so many interesting elements that I discovered while researching this story. Who knew that there is a whole group (over one million) geocachers aka GPS treasure hunters in the world? When I described the smell of the Kabul airport, it's actually the smell I discovered on one of my trips to Dhaka, Bangladesh.

FAST FIVE: Along with being a terrorist profiler and former Remote Viewer, your protagonist, Jill Oliver, is newly married. Is “the job” the most important part of her life?

JUDITH PRICE: In Sudden Deception, the protagonist pulls herself away from her job and goes to the Middle East in search for David. She has no choice but to utilize her Remote Viewing skills and her kick-ass combat skills to help her on the journey.

FAST FIVE: The Mystery/Suspense genre is the focus of Fast Five interviews, but what unique twist makes your novel stand out?

JUDITH PRICE: Without giving a spoiler alert, I'd have to be vague.  I think the word betrayal is suitable and it doesn't just happen to one of the characters.

FAST FIVE: How does your main character’s profession draw her into suspenseful situations, (murder, for instance?)

JUDITH PRICE: Jill followers her Remote Viewing sessions that put her in dangerous situations where she has to use her trained skills as a US Marshall to avoid capture.

FAST FIVE: Is this book part of a series, and are you working on a sequel?

JUDITH PRICE: This book is the first in a trilogy plus a prequel with the Matthew McGregor story. MM story was too big of a back story for Sudden Deception. And it should be ready this spring.

Indecent Deception is the second in the trilogy and it takes Jill into Europol where she is investigating a money laundering scheme that is aiding a large terrorist cell.  While there she uncovers a century's old sex slave ring that will shock the world when she exposes its leaders.

FAST FIVE: You discovered some interesting information during the research of your novel, Sudden Deception, including the statistics on geocachers. Thank you for sharing the details here today. I look forward to reading more about Matthew McGregor, the nefarious character that aroused my curiosity in your first novel. I will also watch for the release of Indecent Deception. The following is not a Fast Five question, more an “if/then” scenario: If Paris is not an option, then where would you most like to spend your time writing and why.

JUDITH PRICE: I am residing back and forth from North America to Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. I wrote most of Sudden Deception, pen to pad, while floating on a cruiser on the Arabian Gulf. I don't think I'd change that.

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  1. Sounds like a good read.
    I read a book a couple years ago about a Tulane Univ. professor in New Orleans who was a remote viewer, sadly cannot remember the title or author.

  2. What a perfect place to be a remote viewer, New Orleans. I had never heard of remote viewing until I read Judith's novel Sudden Deception. I like how she weaves this controversial ability into the story.

  3. Congratulations, Judith, for your book! It looks great!

  4. Wow! great book. I will wait the next book you make.;)

  5. This sounds just my cup of tea. I shall be looking it up and putting it on my TBR pile!

  6. Cherie, Jeremy, and Rebecca, Thanks for visiting. Judith offers an interesting look into the world of a Remote Viewer and easily incorporates the information into her story for added tension.


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