Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Ghostly Encounters

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I recently joined Goodreads, a site I would describe as Facebook for book lovers. You can add a list of books that you've read, are currently reading, or plan to read. You can also add reviews or read what others have written. Goodreads is also a great place to organize your reading list.

I have approximately 50 books stacked in corners, waiting to be read. Was that good enough for me? Noooo! I purchased a Kindle and added 20 more books to my TBR list.
Product DetailsAfter compiling my list on Goodreads, I added several reviews, more as a writing exercise than anything. One of the first books I listed is entitled Obake Files, Ghostly Encounters in Supernatural Hawai'i, written by the late Glen Grant of Hawaii. Many years ago, I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Grant at a library gathering when he spoke about his newly released book, The Secret Obake Casebook. Unfortunately, I never had the opportunity to join one of his ghost tours, though I did take a tour led by one of his followers.

My Review of Obake Files

The stories in this book are not meant for a Halloween night by the campfire for children. These stories actually reflect 25 years of study conducted by Dr. Grant, who held a doctorate in American Studies from the University of Hawai'i and was a teacher at Hawai'i Tokai International College.

No urban legends here about taking pork over the Pali or disasters following removal of lava from the islands (true stories, but exaggerated over time.) Even if you don't believe in the supernatural, you'll be hardpressed to disprove the encounters detailed in this book. Better to sit back and enjoy the stories of ancestral bones in mysterious caves, a Kapahulu haunting, legends of the fire goddess Pele, and the curse of Aloha Stadium.

You'll soon experience the true meaning of that Hawai'ian expression "chicken skin."


  1. Hi Gail! I just discovered your blog through Goodreads, I am just getting started there as well. I am also hoping to get a mystery novel published, I just started it but that is the goal down the line, so I wish you much success with your goal!

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Julie, and for your good wishes. I love Goodreads, just have trouble leaving once I access the site! Do you have a blog started?

  3. Hi Gail, nice to meet you! I had a nice long comment written here praising Goodreads then blogger ate it. I won't recap except to say I love it, too!

  4. Karen, I've had that happen so often that I now copy my comment before hitting the post button. Thanks for stopping by.

  5. I'm adding you on GoodReads! I started my account recently too, and I agree it's definitely like Facebook, but more enjoyable.


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