Friday, October 6, 2023


Domestic Abuse Affects Everyone

A scene within FOR EVERY ACTION, my Pepper Bibeau mystery novel, involves an arraignment for an assault case. The judge decides the case is a civil matter between the two parties and, at the request of the defendant's lawyer, he dismisses the case. The situation does not represent a domestic dispute, but the judge interprets it as such, just another complaint to be handled in civil court.

An arraignment, in the law of the United States,
is the bringing of a person who has been formally
accused of a crime before the court to answer
the accusations against the person.
After the accused is identified and the indictment
is read, the defendant is called upon to answer
the charge by pleading not guilty, guilty,
or nolo contendere (no contest).

Before pleading, the defendant may file a
formal document, known as a motion,
asking the court to dismiss the case.
A judge can dismiss the charges if, for example,
he or she determines that the conduct charged
does not constitute a crime.

In 1968, domestic disputes were considered a family matter.
By the 1980's, such charges were taken more seriously.

For further information on domestic abuse:

If you want to help someone who suffers from domestic abuse or violence, access this site:


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    Mr. McIntyre shares the following details at:

    "Since the book deals with women's issues, and specifically violence towards women, my profits from these sales will go to a local shelter for women and children who have escaped -- or are trying to escape -- from an abusive home life or other situation. For the security of the women and children this organization benefits, it will not be named on the Internet. Rest assured that they will receive the funds."

  2. Today, same-sex couples are fighting to be included within the domestic abuse laws. One KY judge claimed that there was no need for inclusion, since gay couples enjoyed abusive sex. One day, abuse will simply be abuse.

  3. @Sarah
    This reminds me of the commercial: It's not ---, until I say it's ---.
    Fill in the blanks: It's rape when ... or
    It's abuse when the person believes it is.


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