Sunday, February 10, 2013

Liebster Blog Award 2013!

Recently, my friend Sandra Nikolai nominated me for the Liebster award. Sandra is the author of False Impressions, her first mystery novel in a series featuring Megan Scott and Michael Elliott. Thank you for the nomination, Sandra!
As required of the Liebster nominee, I have pasted the Liebster award in my blog post and will provide a link back to the nominator's blog. In my case, it is  Sandra Nikolai
Next I am to answer the 11 questions asked by the person who nominated me, Sandra Nikolai, then compose 11 new questions and nominate 11 more friends to join in the party. The idea is to have fun and introduce new people to your blog site. Sounds like a win-win situation to me! 

Here are the 11 questions Sandra posed for her 11 lucky Nominees, along with my responses:

1. Are you a morning person?

Yes, I am awake by 6, just takes awhile to get oriented enough to make coffee! However, I am also a night person. It is the in-between hours that are not always so productive.

2. What inspires you to blog?

Questionnaires like this one are inspiring. I also like to talk about things related to my home state Wisconsin) and adopted home state (Hawaii.) 

3. What is your current or next WIP about?

My current WIP is the third novel in my Pepper Bibeau mystery series. The story is set in Hawaii. I did much of the initial research several years ago when I visited The Big Island, specifically with a novel in mind. I participated in NaNoWriMo for the first time in 2012 and used that research material as the basis for writing this first draft.  

4. What is the one thing you’d like to do but haven’t had the opportunity?

Study the stars. When I moved to Hawaii, it seemed inevitable that I would become an amateur astronomer. But after settling in Honolulu, I quickly learned one thing it had in common was any major city was too much artificial light to see stars.  

5. Name one of your favorite fictional characters and explain your choice.

Huckleberry Finn has always been one of my favorite characters. To me, his name represents independence. I often dreamed of floating down the mighty Mis’isip, stopping to visit towns along the way, and living a thoroughly carefree life.  

6. What is your pet peeve?

Sudden unnecessary noises, like a slamming door or squealing automobile tires. 

7. What would be your ideal holiday getaway?

A spa retreat with no set schedule - I could choice what I wanted to do when I wanted to do it.

8. Who/what did you want to be when you grew up?

Connie Stevens in the television show ‘Hawaiian Eye’. She was talented, independent, beautiful, and always smiling! What more could a girl ask for? 

9. What is your biggest regret?

Aside from not being Connie Stevens? No regrets. The mistakes and misfires only make the successes stand out that much more vividly.  

10. Name two of your favorite cities in the world.

Paris and Bruge (It’s in Belgium . . . that’s a line from the movie, In Bruge.) 

11. What are the best five words that would describe you?

Happy; Motivated (sporadically); Chocolate-addict; mystery-lover; Aloha  

Now, here are the 11 new questions I complied for 11 of my friends:

1. As a writer, do your male characters more often resemble Tom Cruise or Tom Hanks?

2. For the majority of the novels you read, do you prefer the print or ebook format?

3. If your latest novel were made into a screenplay, would your story be best served by hiring director Steven Spielberg or Ang Lee?

4. Knowing you must travel to the location for research, where would you set your next story?

5. Is sending a written letter via the postal service a thing of your past?

6. For 50% of the DVDs you rent or buy, what is the genre?

7. Would you walk a mile for an ice cream cone or reach for an apple in the refrigerator?

8. What is your favorite part of attending a carnival?

9. Most tempting: Banana Split or Hot Fudge Sundae?

10. Do you buy gifts for others that you would like to receive?

11. What is your current or next WIP about?       

And now, the list of Nominees I have chosed to accept this challenge:

B. Karin Kaufman @KarinKaufman

C. Carole Sutton @cazutt

D. Kenneth Hoss @KennHoss

E. Elizabeth Wilder @eewilder

F. Richard Weatherly @RichWeatherly43

G. Laurie Hanan @LaurieHanan

H. Stella Atrium @SAtrium

I. Stacy Juba @stacyjuba

J. Cynthia Meyers-Hanson @Hanson8046

K. Alison Bruce @alisonebruce



  1. Love your answers, Gail. Connie Stevens in #8 -- what a walk down memory lane! Thanks for sharing. :)

  2. Thanks for inviting me to join in the fun, Sandra, and for presenting me with the Liebster award!

  3. CONGRATS on your Liebster award!

  4. Thanks, Susanne!
    I like your blog site and your statement about liking all authors!

  5. Excellent answers! Although I live in the city and love it, I always miss the stars.

    Where I used to live, they look as if someone polished them.


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