FOR EVERY ACTION There Are Consequences

During the civil unrest of 1968, 26-year old Insurance Investigator Pepper Bibeau's arrival in Chicago sets her on a collision course with death. A questionable medical claim, or a background check on a man who admits to stabbing his wife, leads to the murder of her friend. Pepper connects an apparent suicide to a child's drug overdose and suspects that people who should be helping her are indirectly involved.

Pepper's 12-month deployment in Vietnam with the Army Nurse Corps didn't prepare her for the streets of Chicago. Someone slams her head against a brick wall, sending her to the hospital with a possible concussion. A CPD homicide detective tells her to drop the insurance investigation and leave town. But her friend is dead, and a child is still in a coma. Until Pepper exposes those responsible, she's staying.

FOR EVERY ACTION There Are Consequences is the first Mystery/Suspense novel in a planned Pepper Bibeau Mystery series. The second novel, DEADLY AS NATURE Envy Spawns Grief, is also available.

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Pepper Bibeau Mystery novel FOR EVERY ACTION There Are Consequences

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DEADLY AS NATURE Envy Spawns Grief

In an atmosphere of alcohol and drugs that defines the lives of more than a few people in eastern Wisconsin the year Janis Joplin died, treacherous waves on Lake Michigan toss Insurance Investigator Pepper Bibeau into the company of an intriguing and self-reliant blind lady who is haunted by past events. This lady presents Pepper with an unusual request to help clear up a murder. In an attempt to link these events to an investigation on her cousin's life insurance claim, Pepper delves into a family history she didn't know existed.

Curiousity, family skeletons best left undisturbed, and a possible connection between a grandaunt's death and one of her investigations, has Pepper weighing the fate of the living against memories of the dead.

Pepper's son resides in Hawaii, but his father lives right next door, and Homicide Sergeant Rick Janus wants to resume a relationship that faded ten years ago. A week-end fishing trip could prove interesting, provided no more dead bodies pile up.

Well-intended deeds of ancestors often lead to unwise choices, even for those sworn to uphold the law. Because of her mixed heritage, Pepper has dealt with prejudice during most of her twenty-eight years and always managed to keep her hackles lowered around bigoted people. Until now. A situation left to simmer builds to a confrontation that will not allow her to walk away. By the time she figures out what her cousin's missing high-top pink sneaker has to do with a letter written by a fifteen-year-old nun in Paris, the loaded revolver is cocked and aimed at Pepper's heart.

DEADLY AS NATURE Envy Spawns Grief, the second novel in the Pepper Bibeau Mystery series, is available in print and/or ebook format at these sites:

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Insurance Investigator Pepper Bibeau returns to Hawaii in December, 1972, where a vengeance-filled stalker shadows her from Island to Island. While in Hawi on the Big Island, to visit her fourteen-year-old son and attend her cousin's wedding, Pepper discovers a body on the blood-soaked back seat of an abandoned classic Woody. A poorly executed plan of a local police detective fails to trap a suspect, who then flees to O'ahu. 
When a Wisconsin woman is injured in an accident on O'ahu, and the husband threatens to sue his insurance company, Pepper's assignment is to get his signature on a medical insurance release form. After the suspect in Hawi flees to the labyrinth of Honolulu's Chinatown, Pepper follows. Her plan is simple: settle the medical insurance claim, and flush out the suspect. 
Personal strife, unexplained deaths, and ghostly events are interwoven with the burning anger of a father who has lost all reason. With the sanity of a killer in question, Pepper must fight to save her family, and herself.

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MYSTERY IN PARADISE 13 Tales of Suspense
by 13 Masters of the Genre
From cozy mystery to classic crime, from gumshoe to urban noir, MYSTERY IN PARADISE is a collection of twisted, heart-pumping tales of suspense in all its guises. These 13 utterly unforgettable stories by 13 of the hottest authors to hit Hawai`i’s literary scene are sure to leave you with chicken skin as they take you on a ride through the seamier side of Paradise. 
 Chinatown has always been good for a mystery. THE JOSS AT TABLE TWELVE is a traditional cozy. In THE CHINATOWN CONUNDRUM, a reporter gets the scoop on a bloodless corpse found in a back alley. In THE FACE, an off-duty HPD detective and a fourteen-year-old girl team up to investigate the murder of a homeless man beaten beyond recognition. A seemingly simple infidelity case soon turns deadly, in THE KAHALA CAPER.
THE MAN WITH THE BLACK FEET poses the question: What happens when a man is stripped  of everything that makes him feel important—his career, his family, his health …? In POI DOG, a fraud examiner thinks it’s going to be a dreary day in Waikīkī, but appearances can be deceiving. LOVE SHACK questions the meaning of loyalty, the depth of love, and the seduction of greed. In ADRIFT ON KANEˋOHE BAY, a glorious day-sail takes a tack into a deadly enigma. In TOURISTS, islanders know no matter how romantic, you don’t swim at night. Mystery shows its humorous side in BAD HAIR DAY, when two pals take up the search for a missing Honda. GLORIA was the best. But what does that mean? Why did she die? In WAR, LOVE, FOOD, AND TRUST, a woman works under cover to learn whether Honolulu restaurants are compliant with World War I conservation regulations. Psychological thriller FROSTED is the tale of a woman with an icy stare and a chilling secret.
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 Within the first hours of a planned fishing trip,
Insurance Investigator Pepper Bibeau’s vacation turns deadly.
Pepper's head is spinning over a marriage proposal from Homicide Detective Rick Janus, father of her 14-year-old son. A last-minute assignment to investigate questionable medical claims on two preteen sisters adds to the tension. Before she can relax, someone sends her tumbling into a storm-swollen river, a crude attempt to conceal a body. With a young girl's life at stake, Pepper must uncover an unlikely connection between the dead man’s abandoned rifle and his litany of environmental complaints.
The local sheriff of this rural county offers little support, his opinion of females in the work force obvious. Without his help, Pepper gathers clues to solve the mystery behind this series of troubling events. Unearthing the killer depends on her unbridled curiosity.

10 Tales of Mystery From Hawaii