Wednesday, January 13, 2021

HONU - Hawaiian green sea turtles

Continuing with my "Cruising on a Sea of Words" Series, which features words listed in the glossary of my latest novel Island Cruise Homicide, the Hawaiian word for turtle is honu.

Anyone who has had an opportunity to snorkel in Hawaii can describe the feeling of euphoria that overtakes you on meeting up with one of these reptiles as the green sea turtle glides past you on its lazy path of daily adventure and search for food. One place for excellent snorkling to view the only indigenous reptile found in Hawaii is at Hanauma Bay on Oahu. (New rules for entry: New entry procedures coming for Hanauma Bay (

For Hawaiians, the honu or green sea turtle is a symbol of good luck taking the form of a guardian spirit and depicted in ancient petroglyphs.


Excerpt from Island Cruise Homicide

A short swim out from the beach, we discovered a colorful variety of indigenous sea life. Most noticeable were a few honu, the beautiful green sea turtles we had spotted during many of our water adventures. These amphibious-like reptiles, with their heart-shaped shells, had survived the age of dinosaurs and a ravaging ice age to guide the first voyagers to the pristine waters of Hawaii.


Below is a link to a great article about honu on Maui from October, 2020:

The Magical "Turtle Aquarium" | Maui Jungalow

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